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The Cedar Mountain Nordic Ski Club is a registered Utah nonprofit corporation with 501(c)(3) federal tax exempt status. The purpose of the club is to encourage and advance the establishment and maintenance of cross country ski trails in the mountains near Cedar City, Utah.  Some of the nationís best snow conditions occur year after year in these mountains to the east and north of Cedar City,  including Dixie National Forest land, Cedar Breaks National Monument, and near the town of Brian Head, Utah.  However, at present there are very few groomed Nordic trails in this region and Nordic skiers must break their own trails each time they go out.   Our club hopes to improve this situation, through cooperation with city, state park, national park, and national forest personnel. Dixie Forest persons are now grooming the "Deer Valley" area near mile 22 on UT-14, with a little help from volunteer club members. This is a beautiful area of about 1300 acres in which 10-20 KM of trails are groomed about once per week. Future plans include a Nordic Center there with warming hut, sanitary facilities, ski rentals, etc. Also, Cedar Breaks National Monument maintains a 1 mile groomed trail and several miles of ungroomed trails. Information about the various Nordic sites in our area are shown below.


     Any adult actively interested in Nordic skiing is eligible.   Current dues are $20 per year ($35 per family: parents are responsible for minor children), $10 for adult college students.   To become a member, please contact a club officer (below) or click on the membership application link below. Our member officer/volunteers receive no salary -- and no fees are charged at our events or at the ski sites that we support.
CONTRIBUTIONS, which are tax deductible, are welcome and may be sent to the treasurer's address on the application form below.

     Member Application/Waiver form (Print it, fill out and mail it with dues.)
     Nonmember Waiver Form (Nonmembers must sign a printed version of this file to participate in our events.)

CLUB BYLAWS:    Click here.
CLUB FINANCIAL STATEMENT:    Click here.      (Excel file)


    PRESIDENT:   Murf Karns,   email:  nordic62[AT]live.com
    VICE PRES. & EVENTS COORDINATOR:   Jim Riehle,   email:  jimriehle[AT]yahoo.com
    SECRETARY:   Kathi Karns,   email:  nordic62[AT]live.com
    TREASURER:   Barbara Washington,   email:  cmnscUT[AT]gmail.com
    MEMBERSHIP:   Charles Washington,   email:  cmnscut[AT]gmail.com
    GROOMING COORDINATOR:   Gary Bocarde,    email:   GBClimb[AT]infowest.com
    WEBSITE:   Dave Uherka,   email:  uherka[AT]netutah.com


    We normally meet twice a year, once early in the ski season and once later.   Exact date and place will be announced to members via email and/or in a local newspaper.   Our meetings will normally be in a member's home or in a public area such as the SUU Outdoor Center at the east end of Sharwan Smith Hall on the Southern Utah University campus.   See "XC NEWS" below for our monthly Nordic ski events in the winter.

CLUB BROCHURE: an MS Word document with ski site map included.

MEMBER LIST: (pdf file, Password accessible to current dues paying members only)

     The following links give information about several excellent Nordic ski areas near us. Please keep in mind that these trails are at altitudes of 8,200 to over 11,300 feet. If you are not used to such altitudes, you will have to stop often to catch your breath. For current conditions at these sites, click on the "XC NEWS" link below.

   Brian Head (Burt's Road, Steam Engine Meadows)
       -Brian Head Peak Ski Route (description, map & GPS data file)
       -Thunder Ridge Ski Route (Switchback skiing down Scout Camp Road--description, map, photos)
   Bristlecone Pine Trails (near mile 17 on UT-14):
       -Gooseberry Point Routes (description, map & GPS data file)
   Cedar Breaks National Monument (Rattlesnake area, the Yurt, Alpine Pond, Spectra Point)
       -Long Valley Ski Route (A beatutiful 8-mile ski from Cedar Breaks to Hwy UT-14)
   Deer Valley of So. Utah (by Navajo Lake, near mile 22 on UT-14)
       -Bob's Mesa Ski Routes (a great scenic ungroomed area west of the Deer Valley groomed area)
   Duck Creek Campground (near mile 27 on UT-14)
   Midway Valley skis (near miles 18-22 on UT-14)
       -Blowhard Mt Ski Route Folder (description, map & GPS data file)
       -Gooseberry Top Ski Routes (Many ways to get up towards the Gooseberry Point area and back.)
   Pine Valley Campground (East of Hwy 18 in SW Utah)
   SUU Mountain Road (near mile 11 on UT-14)

XC NEWS Club Events, Current Trail Conditions, etc.

NORDIC SKI EQUIPMENT:   Rental shops; buy/sell used equipment

    The following Snotel link shows the snow depth at Midway at about mile 18 on highway UT-14 east of Cedar City at the intersection with UT-148. This snow depth gives a good indication of the snow level in the nearby mountains at the Bristlecone Pine trail, Cedar Breaks and Deer Valley. UT-148 is closed in winter to autos but is open to snowmobilers, skiers, etc.
     Snow Depth at Midway
     NOAA weathercast at the above Midway site--(Zoom, pan and click on the map to get forecasts at other sites in the area.)

The following links show road and weather conditions on Utah roads:
     Road conditions in Utah --(Search down to SR-143 or SR-14 in this table.)
     Road & weather map of Utah --(Scroll the map to the Cedar City area and click on "Show Weather" box at the top. )
     Weather Station at N. end of Cedar Breaks --(Shows current conditions and recent precip. but not snow depth. Sometimes its readings are suspect.)
     Peg Simon's Brian Head XC skiing Page --(Peg's page has links to various other pages giving reports, conditions and maps related to XC skiing near Brian Head.)

Note: The following webcams may be removed from service during the summer:
     Live video of ski slope in Brian Head --(Shows the Giant Steps downhill slopes.)
     Webcam between Brian Head and Cedar Breaks --(updated every few minutes)
     Webcam at mile 17 on UT Hwy 14 --(updated every few minutes)
     Webcam at mile 20 on UT Hwy 14 --(updated every few minutes)
     Webcam by Bryce Canyon on Hwy 12 --(ditto)
     Webcam by Bryce Canyon at Ruby's Inn --(ditto)