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Description: This is the best place to access the world class views from the rim of Cedar Breaks National Monument in the winter. Part of the scenery here is the large drifts and cornices along the rim of the “breaks”, but be careful near the edge! There are a few cross-country ski trails in and around Brian Head for those who want to stay near food and lodging and if you want to practice your tele technique you can get on the lifts at Brian Head Resort.
Snow Conditions: Excellent snow depths, but the wind can quickly make for icy and crusty conditions.
Elevations: Highest is at Brian Head Peak 11312 ft. (3448 m). Lowest at near the bottom of the town of Brian Head about 9500 ft. (2900 m)
Access: The best access to Cedar Breaks National Monument is a plowed parking area at the north end of the Cedar Breaks road, SR-148 (closed in winter). For access to the Rattlesnake area and Brian Head Peak there is a (sometimes) plowed pullout near MP18 on SR143.
Snowmobile use: Heavy; this area is popular for skiers, showshoers, and snowmobilers (for good reason).
Suggested Routes: The best and most popular trip here is to ski out to the spectacular Chessmen Ridge viewpoint in Cedar Break N.M. from the plowed parking area where SR-143 intersects, unplowed, SR-148. From here just ski south on SR-148 for about one mile to the north end of the Upper Alpine Pond Tr., where there is a yurt which is sometimes open for hot cocoa and such. From here you can try to follow the Upper Alpine Pond Tr., which parallels the road (or just use the road) to the Chessmen Ridge Viewpoint (about another mile); then return.

Do not use the information on these pages as your only  source for planning or travel. Winter recreation in a wild environment can be dangerous, especially in backcountry or off trail situation. 

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