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2/23/24 - Deer Hollow Grooming Report

We’re all set! Club volunteers Topher, Jerry, Chris, and Steve, plus FS employees Jess and Skyler were back at it again today to freshen up yesterday’s grooming and get the base area ready for tomorrow’s Community Ski Day.

All ski and snowshoe trails are groomed (even Aspen!) with corduroy, and most have classic tracks set. We spent some time working on the Sinkhole Trail to reduce the “super-elevated curves” that make skate skiing difficult. Should be better now.

Special thanks to Abby for donating refreshments for tomorrow, and to both Abby and Sarah for keeping the grooming crew well-nourished with snacks today!

The parking lot is in good shape. Please remember that there may be larger numbers of people up there tomorrow, so try to keep the parking tight so we can accommodate as many as possible without having to park in the snowplow turnaround.

It should be a lot of fun tomorrow. See you there!

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