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Deer Hollow Grooming Report

From Steve R.

First Grooming of the Season!

Topher, Skyler, and I spent the day on snowmobiles packing out most of the Deer Hollow trails. After multiple passes to pack a base, we hooked the roller up to the grooming sled and laid corduroy, with mixed results, on the following trails: Hollow (from parking area to West Draw), Sinks (around the outside of the meadow), West Draw, Outback, Dolomite, Claron (east of East Draw to Navajo Overlook), Middle Draw, Shady, and one pass only on Basalt and Easy Street. While not perfect, the trails were in pretty good shape when we left. Let's hope it all gets covered over in another foot of snow this weekend!

Snow conditions at Deer Hollow remain at 18-24", deeper in places. There is about 12" of good powder, on top of about 6-12" of unconsolidated "sugar" snow, which made for difficult snowmobiling. We still need a good cover of snow across Sage Valley in order to get the big groomer out to Deer Hollow. Hoping for a good storm in the coming days.

The parking lot is plowed and quite a few skiers and snowshoers were out enjoying the afternoon. Thanks UDOT!

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