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Deer Hollow Grooming Report for 3/28/24

It has not been a good year for the snowcat groomer. Jess, Skyler, Dakin and Steve went up with the intention of getting the trail system groomed, but before reaching Deer Hollow we had to abort the operation for the day due to another coolant leak. Given the forecast for high winds and more snow over the next couple of days, we decided that dragging the roller behind a snowmobile around the trail system was not worth the effort.

The good news is there is a really firm base under the new snow throughout the trail system, and the few inches of snow received this week have left some really good conditions, with more snow on the way this weekend! So when the weather improves, go on up and break some trail!

It is likely that the snowcat is down for the rest of the season until the State Div. of Outdoor Recreation can get a mechanic to tear into the cooling system, find the problem, and get repairs made. That may not happen for a few weeks, but we'll keep you informed.

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