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Deer Hollow Grooming Report II - 2/16/24

In an attempt to get caught up on grooming, Topher and Steve spent a second day in the snowcat finishing up the grooming that was started on Thursday. All trails have good corduroy, and most of the perimeter ski trails have classic tracks set. The exception is the Aspen Trail. Multiple attempts were made from both directions to get the snowcat up on the Aspen Trail, but the snow is very deep and the groomer doesn’t have the capability to climb steep grades in deep, bottomless snow. At some point, we’ll use snowmobiles to pack out the trail ahead of the groomer and we may have better luck.

Volunteers Chris B. & Jim R. got their exercise shoveling out the Trailer, and Roller as well as cleaning the Sno-Mos, to make ready for next time.

Photos: Some "Dozer Work" around the trailer.

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