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Grooming Report for 2/9/24


Although all the trails at Deer Hollow were packed out by snowmobiles today (Friday), the big groomer could not make it to Deer Hollow due to mechanical problems.  While Jess, Skyler, and Matt and Kevin (Forest Service Law Enforcement Officers) got an early start packing out the trail system on snowmobiles, Topher and Steve were on their way in the big groomer when a coolant leak was discovered after about 30 minutes of run time and 2 miles of grooming.  They were forced to turn around and reported the problem to the Department of Outdoor Recreation.  The cat is down until someone from SLC comes down to fix the problem.

So, conditions are DEEP, with trails packed by snowmobiles, only through 4 feet of powder – no corduroy.


The parking lot is OPEN!  UDOT went in on Thursday, pushing through 48 inches of new snow to rescue a couple in a camper van that had been in the lot since MONDAY!  Kaleb cleaned out the parking areas, but snow berms are piled high around the lot, and the lane is narrow.   With all the other work that still needs to be done on Highway 14, they may not get back to the Deer Hollow parking lot for a while.  Thanks, UDOT, for getting us in there!

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