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Grooming Report Jan. 12, 2020


Since we weren't able to groom last week, Deer Hollow had accumulated 3 ft. of new snow... there is now a total depth of 6ft. Because of that 3 ft. of new snow, Grooming DH this week, was in one word, a STRUGGLE!

Our Grooming Crew this week was Jess H. & Skylar M. of the FS, assisted by CMNSC Volunteers Chris B., Jerry H., Boyd H., and Jim R.

First thing we found this morning was a beautifully plowed parking area, thanks to the UDOT Crew, AKA "The Good Plow Fairy"! I'm sure they struggled finding a place to push all of that snow.

We then struggled trying to shovel out the trailer, and make a path for the Big SnowCat, which struggled up the steep bank.

Some of our crew then donned snowshoes to cut a tree blocking the beginning of the Snowshoe Trail, and also a deadfall blocking the end of the Aspen Trail.

Meanwhile, Jess coaxed the Big SnbowCat, which struggled to get footing in the deep snow, but managed to pack and laying corduroy around the Meadow Loop, with track on about half, as well as a loop up the Navajo Draw and out to the Navajo Overlook. The Snowshoe Trail is not groomed.

BTW, Backcountry/Off-Trail conditions couldn't be better!!

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