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​Description: This area is south-east of D.H.W.R.A. The terrain is similar to other areas of Cedar Mountain and the Gooseberry Area with only a few pull-outs and one parking area (intended for snowmobile use). Some of few water features along SR-14 are in this area.
Snow Conditions: The best snow is near Deer Hollow and Navajo Lake. The quality decreases as you travel east to Duck Lake.
Elevations: Elevation are from about 9600 ft. on the Virgin Rim trail 9200 ft.(2804 m) around Navajo Lake down to about 8500 FT (2590 m). at Duck Lake.
Access: Navajo Lake Parking between mp 25 and mp 26 on SR-14 and at “Duck Pond” at mp 27.
Snowmobile use: Heavy near the highway, and around Navajo Lake and Duck Lake. It is moderate in the more back-country areas to the south of the highway. There is a a groomed snowmobile trail on the south side of Navajo Lake and the highway, that crosses the highway near the Navajo Lake parking area.
Suggested Routes: One of my favorite routes it skiing up the short cut to the top of Lollipop Mesa. Start at the Navajo Lake winter trail-head (usually plowed) just off SR-14 between mp 25-26. Ski down the road about 500 yds, staying to the right, until  you see a small draw to your left. Leave the road here, going left, up the "first steep hill". You'll have to bushwhack for only about 75 yd. to a well cleared logging road. Then turn right, following the road up to a large cleared area. To your left will be a low, very steep, saddle which can be sidestepped, but the easier way (the second steep hill) is to continue traversing up, to your left, just below the ledge, until you come to the bottom a shallow draw, go up and out of the draw.  You will be on the mesa; many choices from here.

Do not use the information on these pages as your only  source for planning or travel. Winter recreation in a wild environment can be dangerous, especially in backcountry or off trail situation. 

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